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St. Jude

Animal Resource Center
Biostatistics Shared Resource
Cell and Tissue Imaging
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
Flow Cytometry
Functional Genomics
Genome Sequencing
Protein Production
Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry
Sanger DNA Sequencing
Transgenic / Gene Knockout
Vector Development and Production
Veterinary Pathology


Nucleic Acid Analysis Tools

Agilent BioTools (PCR Primer Tm / Stratalinker Calculator)
DNA Translation
GenScript Sequencing Primer Design
NEB Molecular Biology Resources (Genetic Code)
Nucleotide BLAST
Pairwise Sequence Alignment
Primer3 PCR Primer Design Tool
Quick-Change Site Directed Mutagenesis Primer Melting Temp Calculator
Thermo/Finnzymes Primer Tm Calculator
Whitehead siRNA Design Tool


Protein Analysis Tools

3d-Jury Structural Similarity Prediction
ExPASy Bioinformatics Resources
HHpred Sequence and Structural Homology Detection
IUPred Prediction of Unstructured Protein Regions
PROMALS3D Multiple Sequence and Structure Alignment
Protein BLAST
Protein Calculator
Protein Calculator 2
Protein Molecular Weight Prediction
Scansite Motif Search
Secondary Structure Prediction Methods



BioGPS Gene Expression Analysis
Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia
Cancer Genomics Portal
CTDatabase Cancer Testis Antigens
Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) Portal
IARC TP53 Mutation Database
Ingenuity Systems Pathway Analysis
Melanoma Molecular Map Project
MIT GSEA Gene Set Enrichment Analysis
NCBI Databases
PDB Structure Database
Protein-Protein Interaction Database
PubMed Literature Database
Sangar Cancer Genome Project
SPOREbase - Lung Cancer Gene Expression Database
St. Jude PeCan Data Portal
UniProt Protein Sequence Database
UCSC Cancer Genome Browser
UCSC Genome Browser


Downloadable Programs

APE A Plasmid Editor
CLC Sequence Viewer
FinchTV Sequencing Trace Analysis
ImageJ - MacBiophotonics
Mendeley Desktop PDF Organizer
Pymol PDB Viewer
UTSW Internal Site License Programs



Centrifuge Rotor Calculation (rpm vs. g-force)
Current Protocols
Faculty of 1000
Fluorescence SpectraViewer
Google Scholar
ISI Journal Citation Reports Impact Factors
Methods in Enzymology Protocols
pH vs Temperature for Tris Buffer
PHYLIP Phylogenic Tree Generator
Springer Protocols
Quartzy Lab Manager
Web of Science Citation Database

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